Maldives Amb claims no targeted sanctions list by EU

The Maldives ambassador to European Union Ahmed Shian has claimed the world body has is not stepping forward with a framework to sanction targeted individuals ranging from travel bands to asset freezes.

Following an EU parliament member's confirmation of a targeted sanction list on 41 distinct individuals from Maldives, the island nation's ambassador had denied the news stating his inquiries so far have not been reached to a conclusive response from the international body.

Ambassador Shian also noted such sanctioning are placed for charter by the foreign ministers council of European Union which is never disclosed to its parliament members.

Maldives ambassador claimed the rumors regarding targeted sanctions list by European Union were attempts by political entities to influence the outcome of crunch presidential elections.

According to ambassador Shian the rumor was spread in a move to intimidate prominent politicians and entrepreneurs of the island nation to force their vote casting decisions to favor certain political ideologies.

Meanwhile EU parliament member Thomas Zdechovsky states he has seen a list of 41 Maldivian individuals, the international body is deliberating on sanctioning.

Ambassador Shian had sinced responded to parliament member Zdechovsky's statement claiming a list conjured by a single parliament member of EU cannot be identified as a formal document approved or under consideration of the union.