Thousands plead Gayoom's shift to home over ailing health

Several are expressing concern over state's decision to once again transfer the former president of Maldives to Dhoonidhoo jail abruptly on Thursday afternoon despite his worsening health.

Gayoom's advocates claim his consulting doctors have advised to transfer the elderly politician to Maldives capital for extensive medical care due to his ailing condition.

Initially reports claim Gayoom was all set to travel back to Male' for medical attention however, authorities later decided on taking doctors to Maafushi jail where the former president was previously held.

Meanwhile many have expressed their grave concern over Gayoom's flailing health, including Legal Affairs Minister Azima Shukoor's brother Athif Shukoor.

"Regardless of how we separately view President Maumoon's legacy, his plea for humanity need to be heard and responded to," Athif in his earlier tweet back in April 2018 said. He had since retweeted this earlier statement along with a fresh caption, repeating his plea for magnanimity.

Prominent opposition lawmaker Eva Abdulla also tweeted Gayoom's health has been deteriorating faster than doctors have been able to treat him. She also accused Maldives Correctional Service for denying basic medical rights for Gayoom.

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi had also tweeted stating the only reason Yameen Abdul Gayoom reached president's seat was strictly through his elder half-brother's endorsement.

Meanwhile opposition running-mate Faisal Naseem also stated his worries about Gayoom's weakening condition. He has urged authorities to respect Gayoom's family's requests and hand him over to them for intense medical attention.