PPM excludes MDA in their meetings with foreign delegations

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) is reportedly excluding its political ally MDA while meeting with foreign delegations.

While the crunch presidential election is nearing its scheduled date, the ruling party's ally MDA is 'invisible' from any public gatherings alongside PPM. Meanwhile both president and deputy president of MDA have not publicly endorsed president Yameen for the upcoming elections.

The rift between PPM and MDA appears more visible as the former is seemingly excluding the latter from their meetings with several foreign delegations that had recently made visits to the island nation.

Recently UK parliament members and government officials included delegation visited Maldives to observe the process of the presidential election.

The delegation was met by senior members of the ruling party along with its other ally Democratic Republic Party (DRP).

Following the meeting, ruling party's parliamentary group leader Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik tweeted that PPM along with DRP will work to ensure a free and fair presidential election in 2018.

Earlier United Nationa's Assistant Secretary General Miroslav Lajčák was met by members of PPM and DRP while MDA members were absent.

However, MDA separately had met with the UN delegation during their visit to Maldives.

Meanwhile comments from MDA has been unavailable about their rather 'silent' stance in the upcoming presidential election.