Advocate team defending 'The Kolamaafushi 18' receives warm welcome

The delegation of advocates representing a total of 18 individuals arrested from Gaaf Alif Kolamaafushi over alleged altercation, received a warm welcome upon arrival at Vilingili of the same atoll on Thursday afternoon.

A team of 18 lawyers; one representing each suspect, received a hearty welcome by the locals of the atoll when they arrived.

The barristers and solicitors team includes famous lawyers like former attorney general Husnu-al Suood, top-tier advocate Ahmed Abdulla, Moosa Siraj, Mahfooz Saeed, Safaa Shareef, Nazim Abdul Sattar and Mohamed Faisal.

Suspects were each assigned a lawyer due to current Criminal Procedure Act which restricts assigning one lawyer for more than one suspect tried for the same offense.

All 18 suspects are facing terrorism charges for their alleged act of damaging ruling Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) properties and party camps. Meanwhile all of the suspects have been remanded for a 15 day period which becomes due on Friday.

Advocate Mahfooz Saeed confirmed the team will also be visiting to the island of Kolamaafushi and provide free legal consultancy as well as create awareness about Maldivian legal and judicial system.