Pres Yameen fulfills pledge of 90K+ new jobs; Youth Min

Maldives government has publicized total number of new jobs introduced and their respective sectors; fulfilling president Abdulla Yameen's pledge.

President Abdulla Yameen earlier pledged of introducing more than 90,000 new career opportunities in Maldives.

Youth Ministry has publicized a list comprising of the total number of new jobs created since November 17, 2013 until August 30, 2018.

The ministry's list reflects Yameen's administration was key to the introduction of a total of 104,048 career opportunities during the period.

These include 47,267 opportunities in economic sector, 15,274 in tourism sector, 6,480 in fisheries and agriculture sector and government and private sector additions reaching 8,864.

Last year during the presidential address to kick-off the local parliament term for 2017, president Abdulla Yameen had claimed through state initiated infrastructural development projects and initiatives to increase local productivity rate has resulted in the creation of several job opportunities in Maldives.

In his presidential address, the Maldives head of state claimed the pledge of introducing 94,000 new jobs was already halfway through.