Maldives Police silent over BroadCom president's 'detention'

Maldives Police on Tuesday refused to disclose any details about the apparent unwilling detention of Broadcasting Commission's president Ahmed Shaheeb by one of its members.

Shaheeb had earlier requested from local authorities to look into the matter. The commission's president claim he was held hostage inside his office cabin by vice president Ismail Sofwan.

The commission's vice president had attempted to intimidate and force resignation of Shaheeb.

Police have since been silent about the matter and refused to reveal if probing commenced over the commission president's request. Police further refused to update if anyone has been questioned regarding the incident.

Explaining the events that unfolded on Monday to Avas Online, Shaheeb said prior to a commission meeting Sofwan requested to meet him.

According to Shaheeb he had invited the commission's vice president to his office cabin, and immediately after entering the cabin Sofwan locked the door. He then began making demands.

Shaheeb stated that he was first asked to resign from the commission's duties as its president. After he refused, the vice president had demanded Shaheeb to take an eight day official leave which was also declined.

Sofwan had then demanded to temporarily assign the president's authority to vice president for a period of eight days, but Shaheeb declined the demand as well.

BroadCom president later requested from Maldives police to provide him security and investigate the commission vice president's erratic actions.

Meanwhile the commission's vice president Ismail Sofwan responded stating he was unaware of any such event. He also claimed he wishes to inquire if such a case has been lodged against him at Maldives Police.