Maldives Pres vows increasting state income to MVR82 bln

Maldives president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has vowed to increase the state income to MVR82 billion.

President Yameen's new pledge was announced during the opening function of Velana International Airport's (VIA) new runway which was concurrent to the welcoming ceremony for Maldives national football team who arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the island nation's head of state the new VIA runway will boost the international airport's status as one of the best across the region. He also noted that the newly opened tarmac comes as a revolutionizing aspect of the international airport venue.

Explaining the importance of the international airport in Maldives, president Abdulla Yameen noted the island nation's prosperity and development heavily depended on the venue's progress.

"If the state revenue is MVR20 billion today, then when I am done with this airport and once it starts generating income, hopefully the state's income will be increased to MVR82 billion by 2023," president Yameen commented.