Court orders evicting Sirru-Fenfushi 'Coralarium' within five hours

Maldives Civil Court on Thursday has issued order to completely evict the galvanized steel based semi-submerged museum at Shaviyani atoll Sirru Fenfushi Resort; within five hours.

The issue of internationally renowned sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor's new exhibition dubbed 'Coralarium' first broke local headlines back in July 2018.

The exhibition became the topic much heated controversy due to the close resemblance of the statues to real humans; as well as the Islamic doctrine which makes citations of prohibiting the creation of idols, which is used for worshiping in Buddhist faith.

Following the delicate issue, Tourism Ministry acting under president Abdulla Yameen's advise had ordered to evict the museum back in July 28.

The matter found its way into Maldives Civil Court after Sirru-Fenfushi Resort's management had refused to heed the orders of Tourism Ministry in completely evicting the site.

Meanwhile the resort's management had responded due to the galvanized steel's individual as well as the entire structure's weight being excessive making it difficult for a standard lift by cranes, that it would be considerable amount of time for the process.

Civil Court on Thursday has ordered the resort to take down the entire semi-submerged museum structure within five hours since the order was passed. In addition to this, local authorities have been ordered to evict the site within seven days if the resort's management fail to comply with Civil Court's orders.

Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer had also stated the ministry had not permitted Sirru-Fenfushi in creating any art exhibition with inclusion of idols.