Maldives broadcasting regulator urges against baseless rumors

Broadcasting Commission (BroadCom) of Maldives on Saturday evening advised all local broadcasters and media to refrain from baseless rumors and allegations while airing elections coverage content.

Through a circular released by the commission, it has claimed some local media were airing reports as late as Saturday evening with unsubstantiated content regarding the presidential elections on Sunday though the official campaign window closed down at 18:00hrs.

The broadcasting commission warned legal action against any local media found airing content that breached the election laws.

"Tonight [Saturday evening] some local broadcasters have been airing content about the presidential polls on basis of unsubstantial information and baseless rumors. We advise to refrain from broadcasting such content as it is considered an unlawful criminal offense.

"So we advise all local media to adhere to the Anti-Defamation and Freedom of Expression Act and Broadcast Act as well as hold to the code of practice and ethics while airing content related to presidential elections," BroadCom's circular read.

The commission on Saturday also introduced a surprising regulation granting them authority to interrupt live broadcasts of local media.