Al-Jazeera accuses credit of USD1.5mln to outgoing Maldives President's bank account

International news network Al-Jazeera has alleged the outgoing Maldives president Abdulla Yameen's account was credited with USD1.5 million during presidential elections 2018.

Al-Jazeera made the allegation quoting a document originating from Maldives Monetary Authority - the central bank of the island nation.

The news network further claimed, with reference to a letter sent from Maldives central bank's Financial Intelligence Unit to Maldives Police, the outgoing president's personal account at Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) was credited with a total of USD1.5 million prior to the presidential polls on two separate occasions.

Al-Jazeera reports USD648،508 was credited to president Abdulla Yameen's personal account on September 5 and another USD810،635 was credited five days later on September 10.

The money deposited to Abdulla Yameen's personal account was then withdrawn entirely in cash, according to Al-Jazeera's report.

Maldives central bank's letter to local police also cited upon their inquiry to assess the financial sources to president Yameen's account, a representative of the him had detailed the monies all come from distinct local corporations and party supporters who supported the ruling party's candidate.

Earlier Avas Online had reported the central bank's Financial Intelligence Unit forwarded cases of president Yameen's involvement in money laundering schemes to Maldives Police. However, at this time it is unclear if the two reports are the same or not.

President's Office so far have been unavailable to make any official comments on the case, however the president's spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz Ali assured in a statement the island nation's president had committed no criminal offenses.