Gayoom assures the new Maldives govt run by coalition

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on Wednesday has assured the new Maldives government will be run on the joint-party coalition's sentiments rather than a single political party.

Following the meeting with vice-president elect Faisal Naseem, Gayoom who spoke with the media present said the situation requires careful deliberation by the coalition's active components to push for general political reform.

Gayoom stated both president-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Naseem had assured the new government, commencing on November 17, 2018 will be run based on the sentiments of all the parties involved in the coalition instead of prioritizing a specific party's needs.

"As you know the coming government will be run by the coalition, a coalition-backed administration will be formed and that means it is the coalition's collective responsibility in protecting the public's interests and we should sustain this coalition for the public's sake.

"Our government will not discriminate the people and we will neither favor nor discriminate anyone for their political ideologies," Gayoom asserted.

Gayoom was also confident the new government led by Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) veteran lawmaker Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will be just towards the country's public; and added the country's citizens will no longer have to fair unfair jailing.