RaajjeTV files lawsuit against PPM deputy leader

Locally popular news channel RaajjeTV has filed a lawsuit at Maldives Civil Court on Wednesday against Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) deputy president Abdul Raheem Abdulla.

The media is pressing charges against the lawmaker for a string of accusations he made during several press conferences back earlier in 2018.

The ruling party's deputy leader and Fonadhoo constituency lawmaker had appeared on a series of press conferences during the second state of emergency under outgoing president Abdulla Yameen's administration; back in February 5, 2018.

The lawmaker had urged local authorities to shut down RaajjeTV's station accusing the media outlet of conspiring to create civil unrest.

Following MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla's set of angry tirades against the channel, Maldives Broadcasting Commission as well as local police shot warnings of shutting the station down.

The Fonadhoo MP had also accused two of RaajjeTV's reporters; Mohamed Visham and Amir Saleem, of several offenses. Both reporters were earlier arrested on suspicion of their involvement in a video recording of balaclava-laden individuals in police uniform challenging Yameen's government.

However, both journalists were let go after the authorities failed to produce substantial evidence.

The channel's advocate Mohamed Nishan on Wednesday spoke with local media addressing several damages sustained by the station following the lawmaker's accusations. The channel's representing advocate claimed RaajjeTV will be demanding MVR1 million from the lawmaker as damages.

Furthermore advocate Nishan had also noted the lawsuit filed at Civil Court also demands compensations for the two reporters MP Abdulla accused; since their reputations were tarnished.