Criminal Court releases 'SOE arrested' police officers

Criminal Court on Thursday has released six officers of Maldives Police arrested during the second state of emergency under Abdulla Yameen's administration back in February 2018.

While six of the local police officers have been released by Criminal Court the Special Operations' former commander Inspector Saif Hussain and Station Inspector Faiz Mohamed were released on Wednesday.

The officers released on Thursday include SWAT team's Sergeant Abdulla Riyaz, Corporals Ali Naseer, Hassan Naseer and Mohamed Shameen and Sergeants Ahmed Asim and Mohamed Rishwan.

All six officers were released after Maldives Police updated Prosecutor General's office of having no legal grounds to keep them in further remand.

The officers were feared of attempting evidence contamination, however prosecutor general office advocate stated Maldives Police have attested the officers were not found of making any such attempts during their remand.

The officers were arrested on the offense of impeding official duties.