Maldives maintains average 63 percent occupancy

Maldives has maintained an average 63 percent tourism occupancy as the year counts down the last quarter, according to tourism ministry statistics.

The statistics show that the tourism industry had recorded the highest occupancy rate at 81 percent while the lowest this year was 44 percent.

According to the statistics publicized by the tourism ministry, tourists by the end of August had spent a total 6,270,308 days in the luxury tropical island destination.

While the total figure remains a 12 percent increase from the corresponding period last year, the average stay was recorded at 6.4 days.

The statistics also show that Maldives remain on track to hit over one million tourists again this year with 972,839 tourists holidaying in the country by the end of August which is a healthy 9.1 percent increase from the same period last year.