Maldives tourism records 8.3 percent increase in arrivals

Maldives has recorded an 8.3 percent increase in tourist arrivals so far this year welcoming a total 1,080,459 tourists to the luxury tropical island destination.

According to official tourism statistics, Maldives had welcomed 1,080,459 tourists from January to September this year which is an 8.3 percent increase from the corresponding period last year.

The statistics show that 107,620 had holidayed in the Maldives in September which is also an increase of 1.5 percent from the same month last year.

Tourism ministry said the United Kingdom (UK) dominated the European continent with 8,106 tourists - up 8.1 percent from last year.

Maldives largest tourist market China had also improved in September with 27,997 arrivals. The figure is 2.9 percent more than the 27,214 Chinese tourists that holidayed in the Maldives in the same month last year.