Top court to review Nasheed's jailing next week

Maldives' apex court has scheduled a hearing on the petition filed by the country's prosecutor's office to review former president Mohamed Nasheed's terrorism conviction for next week.

Maldives' prosecutor's office late last month asked the country's apex court to review Nasheed's jailing ahead of his return from self-imposed exile.

The Supreme Court bench has now scheduled the first hearing on Monday.

The top court had paved the way for Nasheed to return to the country on November 1 ordering the relevant authorities not to arrest him until it hears the review of his conviction.

Supreme Court in an interim order had said the serving of Nasheed's prison sentence has been temporarily suspended until it reviews his jailing as requested by the country's prosecutor's office.

Court had said the interim order has also been issued on the request of the Prosecutor General's (PG) office.

Nasheed had lived in self imposed exile most recently in Sri Lanka after he was allowed to leave to the UK on medical leave in an internationally brokered deal following his jailing on terrorism charges.

He was sentenced to 13 years in prison over the arbitrary arrest and subsequent detention of a sitting judge while he was president.

Several international organizations including the United Nations (UN) had denounced Nasheed's jailing on serious flaws with violations of his right to a fair trial.

Prosecutor General's (PG) office in a statement had said it has petitioned the Supreme Court to review its decision to uphold Nasheed's conviction in 2016 "due to mounting requests."

Nasheed had returned to a hero's welcome with thousands flocking to the streets in the capital Male to greet the much beloved leader.