Opposition MP demands chief prosecutor's resignation

An opposition lawmaker on Sunday asked the country's chief prosecutor to resign or face a no confidence motion, a day after new Maldives president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was sworn in.

South-Thinadhoo MP Ahmed Abdulla on Twitter insisted that the Prosecutor General (PG) Aishath Bisham must step down.

"PG Bisham must resign or I will file a no confidence motion against her," Abdulla had warned.

Bisham reportedly had a major falling out with the government and almost resigned after the police rejected her opinion over the controversial extension of the state of emergency in the archipelago in February.

According to reliable sources inside the prosecutor general's (PG) office, Bisham had believed that the state of emergency extension was unconstitutional and had sent a letter asking the police to produce all detainees arrested during the state of emergency in court for a remand hearing.

However, when the police refused, Bisham had even scheduled a staff meeting where she wanted to announce her resignation.

Sources had said the then president's office's legal affairs minister Azima Shakoor had met with the chief prosecutor before the staff meeting was cancelled.

Solih meanwhile had announced his 19 member cabinet hours after taking the oath of office on Ssaturday.