Pres nominates Shameem for Prosecutor General

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has forwarded the name of former Deputy Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem for parliament deliberation to appoint him for the post of Prosecutor General.

The post became vacant when former Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham last Thursday resigned amid a no confidence motion being pursued by the parliament.

Three individuals applied for the post when the President's Office opened for submission on Sunday.

Hussain Shameem, who did important work when the Prosecutor General's office was first established, and currently works as an attorney was one of the applicants. Even in the past, many have supported to appoint Shameem as Prosecutor General.

The second applicant was Nihayath who resigned as deputy Prosecutor General earlier this year. It has been reported that the former Civil Court judge resigned due to an internal disagreement at work.

After she resigned from the Prosecutor General's Office, she applied for Supreme Court judgeship. However, she was unsuccessful in her endeavour at the time.

The third applicant was Ahmed Zaneen, a lawyer who represents clients in courts on criminal and civil cases.

While the state prepares to appoint a new Prosecutor General, this will be the fourth Prosecutor General to be appointed in the country's history. The first PG was attorney Ahmed Muizzu, who was succeeded by Muthuthaz Muhusin. Bisham was the third PG.

Both Muizzu and Bisham resigned from their posts amid impeachment motions being pursued by the parliament. Muhuthaz lost his post when the parliament passed a no confidence motion against him.