New heritage minister tracks-down dismantled mosque

Newly appointed heritage minister has tracked-down parts of the dismantled historical landmark Kalhuvakaru Mosque.

In August 2016 the wood-works of the mosque was stripped down in an attempt to renovate the entire land area of the former Sultan Park which has since been impressively transformed into Rasrani Bageecha.

The government of former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom had dismantled the mosque and announced plans to move it to Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Thinadhoo island.

Despite the government's insistence that the mosque would be preserved, many had voiced concerns that the mosque along with its grounds remain a historical and cultural treasure.

However, the pleas fell on deaf years as the former government fast-tracked plans to develop the area around the historic mosque.

Arts, culture and heritage minister Yumna Maumoon on Twitter said the dismantled parts of the historic mosque had been stored at the national museum in the capital Male.

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who had taken the oath of office on Saturday in his first 100 days pledges plans to track down the parts of the mosque and re-assemble the structure within 90 days.

The mosque's beauty is a true testament of hard labor and impressive craftsmanship skills of yesteryear Maldivians; nearly 200 years old or more Kalhuvakaru Mosque had stood the chapters of history and saw empires rise and fall.

The historical mosque is iconic for the beautiful carvings on the limestone pillars and intricately cut out designs on its walls.