Maldives govt moves to abolish import duty on agricultural capital

In line with the first 100 day pledges of new Maldives president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, a government lawmaker has submitted a bill proposing to abolish import tax on agricultural capital.

On behalf of the government, Maradhoo lawmaker Ibrahim Shareef proposed an amendment to the import export law which would look to abolish duty on equipment and material for agriculture.

Shareef said the amendment was necessary to develop the country's agricultural sector and make it a pivotal contributor to the economy.

The bill states that import duty would be abolished on agricultural equipment and material specified in a list publicized by the agriculture ministry.

The parliament during its sitting on Monday would debate on the bill before voting whether to accept or reject the amendment.

Immediately after taking the oath of office last month, president Solih had made a number key pledges within the first 100 days of his government which included cheaper electricity, free higher education and breakfast for students across the archipelago.