Maldives govt 'concerned' by claims over ex-VP's prison transfer

Maldives government on Tuesday expressed deep concern over the allegations made by the country's rights watchdog in relation to former vice president Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor's transfer back to prison.

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) earlier Tuesday alleged that Adheeb was transferred back to jail last week against the advise of his doctors.

HRCM in a statement said the Maldives Correctional Service had failed to comply with the doctor's recommendation to transfer the patient to a homely environment for two months, following a surgery to remove kidney stones.

In response to the statement, state home minister Ali Nazeer said the government was deeply concerned over the claims made by HRCM but refused to explain.

"There are somethings in the HRCM statement that we're concerned about. Now we're looking into it. We will reveal our stand over the HRCM statement afterwards," Nazeer told AVAS.

Earlier at a press conference, Home Minister Imran Abdulla had assured that Adheeb, who is serving a jail sentence of 33 years for multiple crimes including plotting an assassination attempt on then president, will be transferred back to prison only after the resting period recommended by doctors expire.

However, officers of the Maldives Correctional Service took Adheeb back to prison last Wednesday while Adeeb's family insists that the recommended period had not yet expired.

The family continues to implore authorities to transfer Adeeb back under house arrest.

HRCM alleged that Adheeb’s transfer was a violation of the Prisons and Parole Act.

The former VP was arrested in October 2015 on charges of terrorism for his involvement in the explosion aboard the Presidential speedboat “Finifenmaa”. He is currently serving a 33-year jail sentence for multiple convictions of corruption and terrorism for his involvement in the MMPRC corruption scandal as well as the attempted assassination of former President Yameen.