26th Jan - deadline to hold party primaries

Elections Commission stated on Thursday that all political parties must hold their primaries for the upcoming parliamentary elections before the 26th of this month.

Commissioner of Elections, Ahmed Shareef said at a press conference that only Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has so far been observed making preparations to hold a primary.

According to the law, those who lose party primaries will not be allowed to contest in the parliamentary election under any category. Submissions will be opened by the Elections Commission on 28th, therefore, all parties need to conduct their primaries before the 26th and relay the results to EC.

Ruling MDP is scheduled to hold their primary on the18th of January. No other political parties have announced a date to hold their primaries yet.

The elections watchdog will be closely monitoring the submissions to contest in the parliamentary election, and will not allow any candidates who lost party primaries to contest in the election.

The parliamentary election has been scheduled for April.