39 candidates fail to submit statement; EC to decide on action

Elections Commission (EC) has announced that they will be deciding on the action to be taken against parliamentary candidates who failed to submit their financial declarations by the deadline.

While the submission deadline expired at 12 am on Sunday morning, 347 out of 386 candidates submitted their statements.

General Elections Act requires all candidates of a national election to submit financial statements on their campaign expenditures within 21 days from the date of election. Failure to submit the documents is punishable by six months to two years in jail, or a fine between MVR 6000 - 24,000.

The Elections Commission revealed that all the contestants who won the election has submitted their details, while 31 independent candidates, two candidates from opposing Progressive Party of Maldives, two candidates from Peoples’ National Congress, one candidate from Adhaalath Party, two candidates from Maldives Third Way Democrats and two candidates of Labour Party failed to submit their financial information.