Authorities probe death of young mother and unborn twins

Authorities have begun looking into death of young pregnant mother and her unborn twins.

The family of Rashfa Ahmed, 20, filed separated cases at the Police and Health Ministry as they have suspicions regarding the events leading up to the sudden death of the pregnant mother.

Speaking to AVAS, the family revealed that the eight month pregnant Rashfa was taken to Maafushi Health Center the night before her death on complaints of severe coughing. Upon consultation with a general doctor, she was prescribed with a medicine, “Grinlinctus”, a combination medication used to treat dry cough. Her condition deteriorated overnight after taking the medication, with her symptoms worsening to include excessive vomiting. The woman threw up all night before finally passing away at the Health Center during the early hours of December 29, said the family.

The family stated that they have reason to believe that there was negligence on part of the treating doctor, as medicines are hardly prescribed to pregnant women without consulting with a gynecologist on the possible side effects of the medication.

Both the police and Health Ministry have confirmed to AVAS that the case is being investigated, but declined to divulge further information on the case due to the ongoing investigations. Maafushi Health Center also declined to comment on the case.