Pres commission seek info on new suspects in MP's murder probe

Presidential Commission on investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances have appealed for public assistance in identifying and locating two suspects in connection to the murder of Ungoofaaru constituency MP, Dr. Afrasheem Ali.

The high-profile murder of the lawmaker shook the entire nation in 2012.

The Commission established by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday released video footage of two suspects speeding on a motorbike on a road of capital, Male' on 8th of October 2012, the night of the murder.

The video showed two individuals active on Ameenee Magu in Henveiru ward, on the same block and street as late Dr. Afrasheem's place of residence. He was found murdered on the stairwell of his building later the same night. However, the grainy video shared by the commission makes it hard to identify the individuals clearly.

The commission requested anyone with any information regarding the two individuals caught on camera to contact them.

Several arrests were previously made in connection to the murder of the lawmaker. However, only one suspect was charged and convicted. The Supreme Court sentenced Hussain Humam to death, although the sentence has not yet been executed.

The Presidential Commission on Murders and Enforced Disappearances announced in December that they will be investigating 24 different cases, in addition to Dr. Afrasheem's murder. The details of the cases will be revealed within three months, said the commission.