'No unlawful orders,' Maldives pres assures military

The government will not make unconstitutional orders to the military, said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Oath Taking Ceremony of the 64th Basic Training Program of Maldives National Defence Force, the President said the extent of reform necessary within the Defence Forces became clear after taking Office in November. In this regard, the laws and regulations pertaining to the armed forces are currently being reformed in order to ensure that MNDF personnel are steadfast in taking civic and security responsibility and are held accountable for their actions.

President Solih stressed that MNDF personnel should be exemplary figures to the public in upholding the laws and regulations of the country. The government was elected constitutionally, therefore, a legitimate government would not make unlawful orders to the country's Armed-Forces, added the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The President reminded that defence personnel are under an oath to protect and defend the independence and sovereignty of the nation, and have sworn to be prepared to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the country from enemies and insurgents. He highlighted the sacredness of an oath, pointing out that the oath is for a lifetime and not just the term of employment. The past 127 years of the long military history of Armed-Forces attests to the fact that Maldivian soldiers will never be traitors, said the president.

He called on all defence personnel to stay true to their oath throughout their life, and urged to stay steadfast in maintaining order in the country whilst putting forward the countary's welfare.

In his speech, President Solih shed light on the administration's efforts to improve welfare options available to the families of MNDF officials and assured that the administration is working on speeding up the progress of the SIFCO flat project which is especially dedicated to the Armed-Force personnel.