Economic Ministry to take charge of expats

The Economic Ministry will take over all proceedings to bring in expatriates to the Maldives.

The work was previously done by Maldives Immigration.

In a statement released by the ministry on Monday, they informed the change was brought under the policy established by the government to reform the system authorizing the entry of expatriates into the Maldives, under the Labour and Employment mandate.

The changes will be effective from March, and the transition of work between the authorities will be conducted in such a way that it does not disrupt those seeking service.

Under the new mandate, Economic Ministry will be in-charge of the following:

Registration of expats on Expat Online System
Arranging quota
Issuing employment approval
Accepting visa deposit and refunds

While the responsibilities have been changed to Economic Ministry, the issue of undocumented expats in the Maldives is on the rise. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has vowed to seek a solution to the issue.

The government earlier placed Maldives Immigration under the Defense Ministry. It is believed that there is negligence on the part of Maldives Immigration in the entry of undocumented expats into the Maldives.