Police launch investigation into ACC pres on money-laundering suspicions

Maldives Police Service have launched an investigation on suspicions of money-laundering against President of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Hassan Luthufee.

The police confirmed that they are investigating a case of money laundering involving Hassan Luthufee and another individual. However, no details were disclosed. The police have previously revealed that they are also investigating cases related the MMPRC graft, the biggest corruption scandal in history of Maldives.

It has been reported that some individuals have been summoned and questioned in connection to the case, although Luthufee has not been summoned to the police headquarters thus far.

AVAS has been unable to obtain a comment from Luthufee regarding the case.

The police are currently investigating a money laundering case against former president Yameen Abdul Gayyoom due to a deposit of USD 1,000,000 million by MMPRC graft linked SOF Pvt Ltd, through which USD 77 million of state funds were embezzled.