Maldives seeks parties to conduct tourist survey

In order to ascertain how tourists visiting Maldives feel about the country, government is looking for interested parties to conduct an official survey for holidaymakers.

According to the tourism ministry, the aim of the ‘Maldivian Visitors Survey’, to be conducted three times annually, will be to gather crucial information on what visitors to Maldives think about the services available to them, their impressions about the country and what can be done to make said services better in the long run.

The ministry’s Terms of Reference state that the survey will be conducted in multiple languages.

The Survey forms need to be made in eight languages including English, Italian, German, French, Japanese along with Chinese and Arabic - two countries Maldives receive the most tourists from.

Interested parties are to send their proposals to the ministry by March 14.

The last survey done among tourists was three years back which found that 47 percent of tourists choose Maldives for its beauty. Around 53 percent of visitors’ learn about Maldives from the internet and more than 19 percent are repeat visitors.