Flat recipients of previous govt. revealed

The list of recipients who received social housing during former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's regime has been revealed on Monday.

The previous government had not divulged the personal details of any recipients in order to protect their identities, revealing only the form number of recipients.

A committee established by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed the full list of recipients who received housing under three different housing schemes.

The five-member committee revealed that the name, address, identity card number and the number of points scored by all recipients of social housing with the exception of civil servants category has been publicized. The list can be downloaded on the official website of the President's Office.

President Abdulla Yameen’s administration has been accused of disregarding deserving applicants for housing in favour of party members and friends.

The information published on the website showed incomplete information of recipients under the most controversial scheme "Gedhoruveri Kurun". According to the committee reviewing the flat awarding process, the information publicized is the only available information on the recipients. It has been rumored that the then-housing minister, Dr. Mohmed Muizzu wrded flats under this scheme to individuals of his liking.

The President’s Office is now accepting complaints regarding the recipient lists publicized on their website.