Decrease in number of 'Hiyaa' flats a result of new changes

The number of flats developed under the 'Hiyaa' social housing scheme in reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' decreased from 7,000 to 6,860 due to changes brought to the project by the current government, AVAS has learnt.

The Hiyaa Housing Scheme was initiated by the administration of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. Before the administration changed after the 2018 presidential election, Yameen's government issued a list of recipients for the 7,000 flats developed under the scheme.

However, the Housing Ministry under the current administration recently revealed that only 6,860 apartments were available instead of 7,000 and did not give an explanation regarding the change.

It has now come to light that the number of flats decreased from 7,000 to 6,860 because the current government brought changes to the initial plan of the former administration and decided to lease the ground floor of the apartment towers to businesses instead of renting it to applicants.

Former Housing Minister under President Yameen's administration, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said 7,000 flats were developed by the former adminisration, and that is not acceptable that the citizens have to suffer a loss due to changes brought by the current government.

The public has been expressing concern on delays in handing over the Hiyaa flats to its recipients even after 1.5 years into the new administration. While the Housing Minister Aminath Athifa last week told a Parliament committee that the flats will be ready for handover by next month, the ministry later retracted the minister's announcement, and passed off the minister's remarks as a 'mix-up'. The latest development in turn increased the criticism aimed at the government over the issue.

Deputy Minister at the Housing Ministry, Ali Shamin recently revealed that the 6,860 flats were promised to 11,000 individuals by the previous government. The issue is currently being investigated by the presidential committee investigating public housing schemes, and a new list of recipients are being prepared.

The minister further revealed that the flats were constructed at inflated prices and that US$ 82,398 were spent on each two bedroom apartment of 550 square feet. The figure, which adds up to MVR 2300 per square foot, does not include finishing works, said the minister. The current delays in handing over the apartments to its recipients are due to incomplete finishing works, said the minister.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has previously stated that the rent of Hiyaa flats are around MVR 11,000 and said that the government is trying to bring down the rent to MVR 6,000 per month with the introduction of additional government subsidies.

While the government initially planned to bring changes to the design of the apartments, the president later revealed to the media that the calculated renovation cost for a two bedroom apartment was MVR 13,000 and MVR 23,000 for a three bedroom apartment.

Dr. Muizzu had previously stated that the former government had intended to charge MVR 5,600 as monthly rental for each apartment, and said even if MVR 7,000 is charged as rent, revenue will be generated within 15 years.

Muizzu shared details of his calculations, noting that USD 434 million was spent on the construction of the flats, and that an additional USD 563 million was incurred as project management and administration cost. If a monthly rent of MVR 7000 is charged, Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) will receive MVR 572 million over 15 years.

Muizzu further said the former president on October 17, 2018 had informed both the Housing Ministry and HDC of his decision to set the rent of the Hiyaa flats at MVR 5600. The information was revealed by the former Housing Minister after the new administration replaced the President Yameen's administration and before the current government announced its decision on the rent that would be charged for the apartments.