In-school therapy services to be established for special-needs students

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has revealed that the ministry is working on establishing therapy services at government schools for children with special-needs and disabilities.

Speaking on channel PSM, the Minister said discussions are currently underway, and stated that the ministry is working on procuring the most appropriate equipment for the school in order to cater these students. She further noted that a special department has been established at the ministry to monitor the needs of the students.

Minister Aishath said the newly established department is currently working on commencing teacher training programs for special educators. The ministry is also conducting discussions with the Gender and Health ministries to identify treatments and therapies that can be provided within the school for children with special needs.

"We are planning early intervention programs and therapy services that will be available at the schools. We are also working to enhance special educators to diploma and degree level. In this regard, we are currently holding discussions with the Gender Ministry and Healthy Ministry", said the Minister.

The minister noted that although local schools already cater to children with special needs, the services available at the schools are not the best. The ministry is working to establish quality services for these children, said the minister.

More than 3000 students with special needs are enrolled at over 213 government schools all over Maldives. However, the lack of availability of necessary services tor these students have always been a concern of both parents and educators.