Electing members who back govt is vital, says pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the parliament should be made up of lawmakers who assist in achieving the pledges of the government.

While speaking at a campaign event in southernmost Addu city, the president recalled that he had raised several issues that currently exists in the Maldives prior to becoming president, and given assurance that he would effectively address the existing issues and find a solution.

The president stressed on the magnitude of the role that will be played by the parliament in fulfilling this promise, and stated that he would prefer for lawmakers who believe in and support the pledges of the government to be elected to the parliament.

"The role of the parliament in achieving these pledges is vital. Therefore, ensuring that the lawmakers on the parliament are members who believe in and support my pledges is very important", said President Solih.

The President said he fully trusts and believes in the MDP members contesting for all the Addu city seats in the upcoming parliamentary election , and is confident that these representatives will support the agenda proposed by MDP for the 19th parliament if elected.

President Solih is accompanied by former president Mohamed Nasheed during his trip to Addu city.