New helmet regulation effective from midnight

New regulations making the use of helmets mandatory on the Sinamale' bridge and highway will be in effect after midnight on Saturday.

State Minister of Transport Ministry, Ahmed Adil told AVAS that the authorities will be enforcing the rules effective from Sunday.

Although the new rules will apply from then on, violators will not be fined until the first of April, in order to grant the public sufficient time to obtain helmets that meet the safety standards required by the government.

The usage of helmet on roads that allow speeds of more than 30 kilometers per hour is mandatory, including the ring road through which the Sinamale' bridge is accessible.

People on two-wheeled vehicles are required to wear helmets with chin straps that fits comfortably on the wearer's head. While both the driver and person on the backseat of motorcycles are required to wear helmets, the visors of the helmets should not be tinted in such way that the wearer is unidentifiable.

Starting from April 1, first-time offenders will be fined MVR 500, second-time offenders will be fined MVR 750, and a fine of MVR 1,000 will apply for each offense afterwards.

While reckless driving will be punishable with the suspension of the driver's license for a period of 1-2 years, if any harm is caused to another individual by a driver, the license of the guilty party will be suspended for a period of ten years.

There has been a significant and alarming increase of road accidents since the Sinamale' bridge opened to the public late last year. The enforcement of the new regulation is designed for the safety of all using the roads.