CCTV cameras installed and in use on Sinamale' Bridge

CCTV surveillance cameras have been installed on the Sinamale' Bridge linking Male', airport island Hulhule' and reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale'.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Friday took to popular social media platform Twitter to reveal that CCTV surveillance cameras had been installed on the bridge and were in operation.

The commissioner further revealed that preparations are underway to install speed detection cameras that includes automatic number plate recognition functionality.

The Transport Ministry had earlier revealed that efforts were underway to install speed cameras on the Sinamale' Bridge, and will be completed and operational during 2020.

The ministry said discussions are ongoing to amend the design of number plates to regularise the design of the number plates, and that a total of 77 cameras will be installed on the Sinamale; Bridge and the highway, including CCTV cameras.

"Since these are speed cameras, when a person rides or drives over the speed limit, a slip will be ready by the time he gets off the bridge. There is no way around it. While investigating the accidents that occurred on the bridge, we noticed that most accidents are the result of speeding," the ministry had said.