Landing gear malfunction causes Maldivian flight delay

A Maldivian Dash-8 aircraft's landing was delayed by almost an hour due to a mechanical malfunction it its landing gear on Tuesday afternoon.

Flight number Q2-118 which was traveling from Velana International Airport to Gan International Airport was scheduled to land at 1.37pm. However, due to the issue with the landing gear, the flight was only able to land at 2.21pm.

Maldivian's PR manager, Moosa Waseem revealed to AVAS that the flight cruised in the air for approximately one hour, before the pilot was finally able to land the plane successfully after crew carried out an alternate procedure to address the issue.

"We can only pinpoint the exact issue that caused the malfunction after investigating the incident. The flight has now landed at Gan International Airport", said Moosa.

Gan International Airport was brought under alert at the time of the incident.