Discussions ongoing to expand air services in southern atolls

Discussions have commenced on expanding air services in the four southern atolls via Gan International Airport (GIA).

GIA's operator, Addu International Airport (AIA)'s Managing Director Gais Naseer told AVAS that discussions are underway to expand air services to the southern atolls ahead of the commencement of Flydubai flights in February next year. Gais said the launch of Flydubai flights would greatly improve tourism in the southern atolls and that its full benefits can be reaped by arranging transportation and holiday opportunities for tourists in the southern atolls.

"Additionally, the launch of RTL services [in southern atolls] will bring great benefits. Moreover, we are currently in talks with Maldivian and Manta Air to increase flights to the southern atolls," he said.

Gais said national carrier Maldivian's seaplane terminal being developed at GIA had reached completion and that seaplane services will soon be launched in the south of the country.

Speaking to AVAS, Maldivian's Deputy Managing Director Aishath Jennifer said discussions are ongoing on increasing the number of domestic flights to Addu to coincide with the commencement of Flydubai flights to the destination. However, flights to Addu and the southern atolls will be increased depending on demand and the number of tourists arriving via Flydubai, she said.