Fly Dubai to operate to Addu City next year

Fly Dubai will start flights to Gan International Airport next year.

Fly Dubai will start flights to Addu City from February 4 next year, Gan International Airport official Misbah Nazeer told AVAS. These flights will connect many destinations with Addu, Misbah said.

Inner Maldives Holidays is playing an important role in facilitating the flights to Addu City. The company's Managing Director, Mohamed Firaq, said flights from five destinations currently operate to Gan International Airport. However, from February 4, 2023, the number will increase to 250, he said.

The lack of direct international flights to Addu City is a major concern for the Addu City Council and some tourism operators in the Maldives. Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom has previously said there is a need to increase international flights to Addu and increase tourist beds to expand tourism in Addu.