Ex-pres pledges allegiance to Pres Solih

Former president and current coalition partner, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has pledged his continued support to the government.

Maumoon assured his allegiance to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solh during a meeting held between the two leaders on Tuesday at the President's Office.

President's Office revealed that Maumoon pledged the support of himself and Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), and their non-stop efforts to maintain and remain in the ruling coalition. The leaders also discussed ongoing government projects.

The ruling-coalition is made up of four political parties, Maldivian Democratic Movement (MDP), Jumhooree Party (JP, Adhaalath Party and Maumoon backed movement, MRM.

Prior to the presidential election, an agreement was enacted between the coalition leaders on strategies to maintain the coalition. As part of the agreement, it was agreed that coalition parties would team up for the presidential election, parliamentary election and the local council election.

However, MDP's decision to contest the parliamentary election individually has caused a lot of tension within the coalition. As a result, the promised "monthly meetings" between coalition leaders have not been held in three months.