Adhaalath-MDP teamup can lead to a happier Maldives, claims ex-pres

Former president of Maldives and leader of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Mohamed Nasheed has claimed that the true Maldives envisioned by the Maldivian people can be established through an MDP - Adhaalath alliance.

MDP and religiously conservative Adhaalath Party has formed an alliance to tackle the upcoming parliamentary elections. Earlier on Monday, the MDP candidate for Mahibadhoo constituency withdrew his candidacy in favor of the Adlaalath Party candidate contesting for the same seat.

MDP confirmed on Monday that they are backing the AP candidate for the constituency, in addition to the partner party's Nilandhoo constituency candidate. MDP's move prompted Adhaalath to announce their endorsement of four MDP candidates in the parliamentary elections for Hoarafushi, Kendhikulhudhoo, Alifushi and Fares Mathoda constituencies.

Both Nasheed and leader of Adhaalath, Sheikh Imran Abdulla took part in a campaign event of an MDP candidate on Sunday night, during which Nasheed had stated that MDP has always urged for a multi-party political system. The alliance between MDP and Adhaalath has made the day a very joyous occasion, said Nasheed.

Nasheed said from he time he was jailed, the two parties have been working together very closely until now. After Adhaalath's leaper Imran Adulla was jailed, it further strengthened the bond between the two parties, said Nasheed.

"The vision of the two parties are similar: Both parties wish to establish the laws of our beloved religion Islam, along with democratic principles in the Maldives, and ensuring that the citizens receive their due rights", said Nasheed.

Adhlalaath pledged their allegiance to MDP on Sunday, and will continue to work with MDP in the long term, revealed Nasheed while addressing at Sunday night's event.

"MDP's policies are similar to that of Adhaalath. MDP has its own unique set of talents, especially in the economic and financial sector. The same way, Adhaalath has its strengths, mainly in the religious sector", said Nasheed.

"Therefore, when these two parties team up, the true Maldives envisioned by the people of the Maldives can be established. My joy tonight is presenting an all-round Maldives to the people of the nation", he said further.

Although there are obstacles standing in the way of establishing justice n the Maldive, Adhaalath has joined hands with MDP to work together to overcome the challenges faced, added Nasheed.