Reported cases linked to parliamentary polls few, says Police

Maldives Police Service have stated that the number of cases filed with the police over vandalism and causing unrest just ahead of the parliamentary elections is not high.

Investigation coordinator of Elections Commission Chief Superintend Mohamed Basheer said the number of such cases are higher in the atolls than in capital Male'.

While 12 cases were filed in the greater Male' region, 33 cases have been reported in Gdh. atoll while 18 cases were reported in Adh. atoll.

The police did not reveal the total number of cases reported to the police , nor the action taken in such cases that are linked with the parliamentary elections looming ahead.

The chief assured that the necessary action are being taken, and stated that the police are working together with the Elections Commission to resolve all issues.

Election Security Commander of the police Chief Superintend Abdulla Shareef told the press that the police would not allow any unrest to be caused in the country due to the parliamentary election. The police will remain vigilant, although no reports of intent to cause unrest have been received by the police thus far.

The Superintend further revealed that the police are undergoing several trainings to prepare for the parliamentary election, and are meeting with parliamentary candidates and coordinators to ensure a smooth election on April 6.