High Court delivers ruling on election related cases

The High Court on Thursday has concluded all cases filed regarding the parliamentary election.

With a total of seven cases heard, all seeking to add their names to Thimarafushi island's voters' list, the High Court ruled that there is no basis to make such an order to the Elections Commission.

The complaints were initially filed as the names of the seven people did not appear on the Thimarafushi constituency voters list despite having previously requested to change their island of registration to Thimarafushi island.

In the separate verdicts delivered on Thursday, the judges noted that the seven individuals had failed to file their petition at court within the required period. According to the General Elections Act, any issues regarding the voters’ list must be submitted to the High Court within five days of receipt of the decision of the Elections Commission. Failure to submit complaint within the five days would mean that they are forfeiting their right to do so, says the Act.

The verdict further noted that the individuals had not changed their official registered island within the time frame allocated by the Elections Commission, and that some of the seven individuals had signed documents stating that they are aware they may lose their right to vote in attempting to change their registered island after the time frame had passed. The Elections Commission compiles the voters' list by referring to the database of Department of National Registration (DNR), it said further.