Apple releases ad featuring Maldives

Renowned tech company Apple has released an ad featuring the Maldives.

A series of ads was launched to educate Apple users on how their newest technologies can be applied, with one such video showing the reefs of Maldives.

The 8-minute 'Shot on iPhone' video shows how the field team of Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP) monitors the demographics and movement of different species using an iOS app. The natural beauty of the Maldivian waters were captured in the video shot in Dhigurah island of Ari atoll and it's reef, which is the largest in Maldives. The marine diversity along the reef is among the richest of the Earth.

The ad relayed a lot of information on the research-based conservation charity MWSRP, which is dedicated to studying the wale shark and fostering community-focused conservation initiatives.

The video released on YouTube has received over 100,000 hits on the platform alone, with several international medias also sharing the video on multiple websites.