Interpol red notices recalled for four suspects involved in MMPRC scandal

Four red noticed issued by the Interpol have been recalled on request of the Maldivian government.

Four out of five red notices issued in connection to the largest case of corruption recorded in Maldivian history; the MMPRC scandal, was dismissed on the government's request. According to the Interpol website, the notice seeking Mohamed Visham, who is accused of deception and giving death threats is still active.

The red notice issued seeking Mohamed Allam Latheef (Moho), Mohamed Hussan (Oittey), Ahmed Ishfah Ali and former Deputy Managing Director of MMPRC Mohamed Aseel Ahmed have now been dismissed and removed from the Interpol website.

According to reports, Mohamed Allam Latheef (Moho) and Mohamed Hussain (Oittey), and Mohamed Ishfah Ali are all residing in the United Kingdom under the country's asylum. Aseel Hussain , who sought asylum from Australia resides in the country.

The police revealed that the red notices were recalled on the government's orders, as the notices were issued due to failure to summon the suspects for investigation. However, their statements have now been received, said the police. They further said although the suspects are under the protection of foreign nations, the are accessible to the police, therefore, there is no need to maintain the red notices any further.

MVR 1.22 billion of state funds were embezzled through Maldives Marketing anc Public Relations Company (MMPRC) during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's presidency. The ACC conducted a criminal investigation into the scandal and published a special report on the graft, which named some of the recipients of the funds through SOF Pvt Ltd, the company that had been the focal point in moving the embezzled funds.