Ghassan Maumoon assumes Opposition vice Presidency role

After weeks of speculation on the future of the main opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and resonant calls for the wholesale reform of the Party's leadership following the crushing defeat in this this month's parliamentary election, the Party has appointed newly-elected MP Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon as its Vice President.

Younger son of Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Ghassan hit local headlines by opting to support his uncle, Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, through the public falling out and bitter political spat between half brothers Maumoon and Yameen.

Ghassan ran for parliament on the ticket of Yameen's PPM, while his elder brother Faris ran under their father's MRM organisation. Faris, a sitting MP, failed to secure his seat, while Ghassan won his by a landslide, defeating his rival - who secured the public backing of father Maumoon. This surprising result thrust Ghassan into the limelight, making him a cult hero among opposition grassroots supporters, with many taking to social media to pin their hopes on Ghassan as the next leader of the opposition.

Ghassan, who had served Yameen's government as State Minister, is seen the next generation hopeful to hail from the country's most noted political dynasty.

His recent parliamentary campaign went viral on social media, with many taking note of his eloquence and dynamism.

In last night's Council Meeting of PPM, the President of the Party, Former President Yameen proposed Ghassan, returning MP Ahmed Shiyam and Former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, to fill the three vacant seats as Vice Presidents.

The appointments were met with messages of congratulation and sentiments of hope from among across the country.