Minister assures job security for defense personnel

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has stated that military personnel will no longer be dismissed from their jobs over political reasons.

Speaking at the ceremony held to mark the 127th anniversary of Maldives National Defence Force, Minister Mariya acknowledged that several defense personnel have been dismissed from their jobs over the past five years for numerous reasons. A grievance system where such employees can take their complaints to does not exist within the defense system, noted Mariya.

In the past, several orders were made to the military which violates the Maldivian Constitution and contradicts other rules and regulations, and any person who questioned such orders were immediately dismissed, noted Mariya further.

"Maldivian army was depressed and dispirited back then. They had no job security. We are now working on reforming and re-organizing the issues within. We are working to establish a system which can address their complaints. The purpose is to prevent the military personnel who has been serving the nation day and night for so long from being dismissed abruptly whenever their seniors wishes for it", said Mariya.

One of the biggest concerns of defense personnel is the fact that the project building flats for them being halted. While ages have passed since the initial down payment for these flats were paid, the situation at hand has forced many on the defense force to be in debt.

"Not much concern has been raised over the issues the military personnel face over the project being halted. Today, I can happily announce that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government is working expeditiously to complete the flats", said Maria.

Minister Maria assured that the government will provide further training opportunities, and will handle the welfare of MNDF in a streamlined method. The aim of the government is to establish a professional defense force that is free from political influence, which is well equipped to protect the nation, said the Minister.