Ex-pres Maumoon shortens Sri Lanka holiday, returns to Maldives

Former president of Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and wife Nasreena Ibrahim has shortened their holiday to neighboring Sri Lanka and returned to Maldives.

The former first-couple traveled to Sri Lanka on April 17 and was in the country when a series of bomb blasts took place in Lanka on Easter Sunday, April 21. He had earlier expressed his concern and condemned the happenings in Sri Lanka.

In a tweet posted by the former president announcing his early return, Maumoon thanked the Sri Lankan authorities for the protection extended to Maumoon and his wife amidst the difficult situation. He also acknowledged and thanked the Maldivian Embassy in Lanka for their courtesies.

320 people died and over 500 people were wounded in a series of bomb blasts that targeted churches and high-end hotels in Sri Lanka. Over 40 people have been arrested in connection to the blasts, with ISIS claiming responsibility for the attacks.