Financial declarations of 292 candidates still pending - EC

Elections Commission (EC) has revealed that only 94 candidates who contested in April’s parliamentary election submitted their financial statements thus far.

While the deadline for submission of financial statements expires at 12:00am on Sunday, only 94 candidates submitted their papers to the Election Commission up until last night.

General Elections Act requires all candidates of a national election to submit financial statements on their campaign expenditures within 30 days from the date of election. Failure to submit the documents is punishable by six months to two years in jail, or a fine between MVR 6000 - 24,000.

While the deadline is fast approaching, EC member Ahmed Akram said 94 out of 386 candidate had submitted their statements by last night.

“Until last night, we have received the financial statements of 94 candidates. After the deadline expires, we will seek necessary information and take action according to what the law stipulates”, said Akram.

While the statements of 292 candidates are pending, the statements submitted at the EC have to be audited by a registered auditor.