Foreigner held hostage, beaten in Male' city

A foreigner was held hostage and beaten, with the attackers demanding money from him in capital Male’ early on Thursday morning.

A Bangladesh man was arrested in connection to the incident, which also involved a group of Maldivians.

The police revealed that they received reports that a man was being held hostage around 2.50am. A 29-year old Bangladeshi man was being held hostage, with the kidnappers calling a friend of the victim, demanding MVR 40,000. A foreigner who went to receive the money near Kangaroo Kids was arrested by the police. After acquiring information from the arrested man, the man being held hostage was eventually rescued by the police from a street on Nikagas Magu.

The police said they believe seven Maldivians were involved in the incident. The victim was beaten and mugged, with the perpetrators stealing two mobile phones, a chain around the victim’s neck and a key-chain.

“The assailants fled the scene when the police arrived”, said the police statement. The police did not share further information on the victim’s condition and the extent of his injuries.

The only person arrested in connection to the incident thus far is the 42- year old Bangladeshi man who went to collect the ransom. Organized Crime Department of the police is investigating the case further.