Parking zone for four-wheeled vehicles to be established

Male' City Council and Planning Ministry has begun a joint project to establish a special parking zone for four-wheeled vehicles in Male' City.

The parking zone will be established in the plot of land of Maafannuaage in-front of the old presidential palace Theemuge. Part of Maafannuaage was previously taken by the State for the safety of the then-presidential palace. 12,000 Sq-Ft of land from the 22,000 Sq-Ft plot was taken by the government.

The lines separating parking spaces are currently being drawn, and the zone will be opened very soon after the work is concluded, said the City Council.

Mayor Shifa Mohamed on Wednesday stated that a parking zone is being established in the area in a bid to lessen the traffic congestion in the market area. Discussions are currently underway to decide if a parking fee will be charged to park vehicles in the new parking zone.

The Mayor further sad the council intends to convert empty plots of land and uninhabited houses into parking zones.